10 ways to choose a Bridal Makeup Artist for your Wedding Day – From a working Bridal Makeup Artist


10 ways to choose a Bridal Makeup Artist – from a working Bridal Makeup Artist


So you’ve met the love of your life, they got down on one knee and proposed, and now you’re engaged! Congratulations! Now all the fun stuff is over, and its time to start planning the biiiiiig day. Well, I’m here to make one choice a little easier – how to choose your Bridal Makeup Artist.

Referrals from friends

Did any of your Facebook Friends in your area get married recently? Have a look at their photos and if you like what you see reach out and ask for their Artist’s details. Put it out to the Social Media world – “Does anyone know a good Makeup Artist?” Referrals are easily the most trusted source for finding a local Makeup Artist.

Professional Website, Social Media Pages & Directory References

The only variable with asking for recommendations is, you do run the risk of being recommended a whole lot of you acquaintances friends. And just because they are friends with someone you know, it doesn’t mean they are the Makeup Artist for you. Do some additional research and try plugging some keywords into Google, Facebook & any other social media platforms you use. A professional working Makeup Artist should have a Professional looking, up to date website and social media sites!

Makeup Brand(s) Used

Do Makeup Brands matter to you? Do you have any specific Makeup Brand Requests (eg. Vegan Brands, Cruelty-Free Brands, High-End Brands etc.) If you have sensitive skin you may prefer an Artist who works with High-End and/or Natural Brands and Products. Check their Stocked Brands VS. their Prices too, as the price should reflect the quality of Brands being used.

Photos that show the Makeup

Ok, so now you’ve used Referrals and Search Engines to create a list of Makeup Artist. You’ve screened them for the Brands they use and its time to decide whose style of Makeup and Skill you like best. Look for Portfolios of work that show close up photos of the Makeup. Its all well and good to like a far distance Bridal Photo, but if you can’t tell the Makeup is separated and the Eyeliner is crooked, then it won’t be much use helping you choose a good Makeup Artist!

Skill Level

This is one a lot of Clients don’t look for, because they don’t know what they’re looking for. In the close-up Makeup Photos, look at the Eyeliner and Lip Applications. Eyeliners should be crisp, opaque and symmetrical. Lip Applications should equally have crisp edges, be opaque and symmetrical. (Unless of course that’s not the intended style! Eg. Fashion Makeup, Sheer-Glossy Lip etc.) Furthermore, look for well-blended eyeshadows that fade effortlessly from one colour to another, symmetrical eyebrows and well-applied false lashes.
Basically – you want to avoid crooked winged eyeliners, chunky uneven looking lines, crooked lips, crooked eyebrows, loose false lashes and unblended eyeshadow.

Makeup Application Style

Most Makeup Artists will have a “style”. For example, some like doing very heavy Social Media Styled Makeup. Some like doing very sheer natural blended out makeup. A good Makeup Artist should be able to do multiple styles, however, be sure to check out a good range of the Artist’s work and see if you can identify their personal style. For example, do they love winged eyeliner, do they do great eyeshadows or super highlighted skin. Be sure whatever their style is, is something you like.

Clients/Models that look similar to you

A good Makeup Artist should also be able to apply Makeup to any gender, skin colour and a variety of facial features. If you can see a range of Clients/Models displayed in their work, all of whose Makeup appeals to you, you can probably assume they’re a good Artist. However, if they have a limited Portfolio, try to make sure there is a Client/Model featured with similar tones or features to you. This way you can feel confident they have successfully worked with a similar looking Client/Model before.


Look for a Makeup Artist whose Website and/or Social Media Page(s) has a decent number of written Reviews. Anyone can fake the odd review so you want to look for more reviews than less, and a decent overall score. Remember, Makeup is very subjective so the Artist may not have a 5-star rating, but anything 4 stars or above is probably pretty safe.

Bridal Makeup Trial

Book a Makeup Trial! Trust me – this is not a way to get extra money out of you. Your wedding day has the potential to get a bit stressful, and knowing you will be happy with your Makeup Look is one less thing to worry about. If you are worried about the extra cost, try and get your trial booked for a day when you have an event anyway (like your engagement party?!) so you have somewhere to wear it. During your Bridal Trial, be prepared with reference pictures of Makeup Looks you like and be very specific with your Artist about what you do and don’t like. That way you only have to do it once. If you hate the Makeup – then it may have cost you a small amount now, but at least you can move on to someone who will nail your Look for the day, and who will do a great job on your Bridal Party/Guests too.

Contact with the Makeup Artist

Before, during and after your Makeup Trial and Wedding Day, keep tabs on how you are finding the contact with the Artist. Do they contact you enough or too often? Are they personable and do they put you at ease? All of these things are important in creating a relaxed open environment on your wedding day. If in your initial contact they make you feel uneasy – move on!


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